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Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning


Experience the refreshing difference of a professionally cleaned air conditioner on the Sunshine Coast – let us enhance your comfort with our dedicated AC cleaning services. With improved air quality, not only will you enjoy a healthier living space, but your air conditioner will also benefit from reduced strain, leading to a longer operational life and enhanced overall performance.


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Brock Smith

Discover the cooling expertise of Brock Smith, your seasoned air conditioning specialist. With a remarkable journey starting at the age of 13, working alongside his father, Brock brings over two decades of hands-on experience to every service.

As an owner/operator, he’s not just a professional; he’s your dedicated partner in maintaining and enhancing your air conditioner’s performance. Brock’s precision and personalised approach guarantee optimal efficiency.

Trust in his reliability and unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond technical prowess, Brock’s passion for cool comfort defines his service, ensuring your air conditioner not only functions flawlessly but leaves you with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction.

Trustworthy Air Conditioning Care

Licensed, Certified, and Insured

Rely on our licensed, certified, and insured professionals for air conditioning care. Ensure peace of mind, quality service, and protection for your valuable investment.

Kings Of Air Conditioning Cleaning

Split Systems & Ducted Systems

Trust us for thorough ducted and split system cleans! Our expertise ensures optimal performance, clean air, and a comfortable living environment. Breathe easy with our professional service.

Sunshine Coast, Region


Servicing the Sunshine Coast region, we provide top-notch air conditioning solutions. Trust our expertise for efficient, reliable service to keep your home or business cool and comfortable year-round.

Peak Performance Cooling

Unleash the Full Potential of your AC System

Optimise your air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. Our cleaning service enhances airflow, energy efficiency, and overall functionality for a cooler, more comfortable living environment.

Fresh Air, Clean Living

Unveiling the Secrets to a Healthier Home

Elevate your indoor air quality with our AC cleaning service, removing bacteria and mould for a healthier, refreshing living space. Breathe clean, live better!

Efficient Cooling, Lower Bills

Redefining Energy-Smart Air Conditioning

Our AC cleaning service maximises energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption. Enjoy cooler comfort without breaking the bank. A cost-effective solution for sustainable, cool living.

Prolonging Cool Comfort

The Key to Your AC System’s Longevity

Invest in our AC cleaning service for a prolonged system lifespan. Enhance durability, reduce wear and tear, and ensure enduring cool comfort for years to come.


What People are Saying

Google Review

Brock came out and cleaned our aircons. I couldn’t believe the dirt that came out. Once we turned them back on my wife’s allergies almost disappeared. 

James Dunstan

Facebook Review

Had our AC cleaned by these people. Great work. Impressed all round. Fully recommend them.

Scott Lovell

Google Review

Brock arrived at my premises on time, was friendly and professional. I was ecstatic, what incredible and honest service!

Luke Nightingale

Facebook Review

Great job done a little while ago. Good information regarding possible future problems. Great to see people working together as a team. See them again in the future .

Peter Craven

Setting Ourselves Apart

Unmatched Excellence in Air Conditioning Services

Experience our superiority with our key differences, including personalised care, eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction.

  1. Personalized customer care
  2. Eco-friendly cleaning practices
  3. Transparent & Fixed pricing
  4. Licensed and certified technicians
  5. Timely and reliable service
  6. Comprehensive system checks
  7. Attention to detail
  8. Cutting-edge cleaning technology
  9. Customer education
  10. Unwavering commitment to satisfaction.


Split System Indoor Clean

Mould Removal Bag Clean

Pricing is depending on how many split systems AC units you are looking at cleaning at the one property. So, for the first AC, it costs $150 inc. GST, and then we charge $110 inc. GST per indoor clean thereafter. 

Split System Outdoor Clean

Clean & Service

We clean and service outdoor units upon customer request. Unsure if you need it? Give us a call, and we’ll assess if your outdoor clean is necessary. If it is, then we charge $30 inc. GST per outdoor unit.

Ducted System Maintenance

Indoor & Outdoor Clean

Our ducted service includes both indoor and outdoor unit cleaning for scheduled yearly maintenance, aligning with manufacturers’ recommendations for optimal system performance. Priced at $250 inc. GST per unit.

Air Conditioning Clarity with Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning

Your Essential Guide to Informed AC Maintenance

Explore our FAQ, discover insights on optimal service frequency, emergency response, energy efficiency tips, and more. Trust Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning for transparent solutions.

How frequently should I schedule maintenance for my air conditioner?

Regular maintenance with Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning is recommended annually to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

What indicators suggest it's time to service my air conditioner?

Look out for reduced cooling efficiency, unusual sounds, or strange odors—signs that prompt a call to Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning for a thorough inspection.

In case of an air conditioning emergency, how quickly can I expect Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning to respond?

Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning is committed to prompt emergency response, ensuring your comfort is restored swiftly.

Are the technicians at Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning licensed and certified for my specific air conditioning system?

Yes, the technicians at Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning are fully licensed and certified, guaranteeing expertise in servicing various air conditioning systems.

What recommendations does Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning have for improving the energy efficiency of my air conditioner?

Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning suggests regular maintenance, cleaning or replacing air filters, and considering energy-efficient upgrades for optimum performance.

What recommendations does Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning have for improving the energy efficiency of my air conditioner?

Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning suggests regular maintenance, cleaning or replacing air filters, and considering energy-efficient upgrades for optimum performance.

Can Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning provide a cost estimate before commencing routine maintenance or repairs?

Certainly, Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning is transparent with pricing. We provide detailed cost estimates upfront to ensure clarity and trust.

Does Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning offer maintenance plans or packages for regular service?

Yes, Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning provides tailored maintenance plans to suit your needs, ensuring consistent and reliable service.

Does Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning offer environmentally friendly options for air conditioning maintenance and cleaning?
  1. Absolutely, Sunshine Coast AC Cleaning employs eco-friendly practices and products to minimise environmental impact while delivering top-notch air conditioning maintenance and cleaning services.

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